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Client Testimonials
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At Animal Dental Clinic, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients and patients leave our facility satisfied. We would love to hear about your recent visit with us - your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps the Animal Dental Clinic grow each day!

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06/12/2016 by Barbara Seiter

"My Jack Russell Terrier, Bella, was due for her annual dental cleaning about the same time that our vet retired.  Bella had heart worms when I adopted her but had been successfully treated, and has been a very active dog since then.  Given Bella’s heart history, and a new vet, I decided to take her to Dr. Battig at Animal Dental Clinic.  Bella went in for what I thought would be a routine dental cleaning, however it wasn’t. Her heart became dangerously slow in the first 10-15 minutes of the procedure and she didn’t respond to the medications that were given to speed her heart up.  So, they stopped the procedure.  She was diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome, where there are unusually long pauses between beats.  Dr. Battig suggested that we see a cardiologist.  We saw Dr. Atkinson at Heart of Oregon.  Bella had a complete cardiac exam where she had an echocardiogram, and she had to wear a Holter monitor, which she was not at all fond of!  The results confirmed the beginning stages of Sick Sinus Syndrome, but Dr. Atkinson felt that with the proper monitoring Bella could undergo dental cleaning.  We rescheduled the dental procedure for about ten days later with Dr. Battig and Dr. Shafford, who would be in charge of Bella’s anesthesia.  As the day of the dental procedure got closer, I became more and more concerned. Bella had taken a long time to bounce back from the procedure that was started (but had to be stopped) a couple of weeks earlier.  I questioned whether I should have Bella’s teeth cleaned and risk more problems with her heart, or worse - even losing her during the procedure. By the evening before the procedure was scheduled, I was a complete wreck.  Dr. Shafford and Dr. Battig did a stellar job answering my questions and listening to my concerns the evening before and the morning of the dental cleaning. They were incredibly patient and giving of their time.  Bella had her dental procedure, and did just fine! In fact, she did much better than fine!  She did have extractions.  We had decided to take out teeth that looked like they would become a problem in the next couple of years, given Bella’s issues with the anesthesia.  Bella came home the day of her dental procedure.  She was tired and slept most of the evening and night.  The next day she seemed to be bouncing back from the anesthesia much better than she had done a couple of weeks earlier.  By the second day, she was more like herself.  And by the third, she was peppy and sassy again!  Drs. Battig and Shafford checked in with me daily for several days afterward to see how Bella was doing.  I’m incredibly happy to be able to report that two weekends after her dental work, Bella hiked a 10 mile trail with 2100 feet of elevation gain, and did this on a 95 degree day!  I’m not sure that she could have so easily done this before the dental work was done.  In retrospect, I think that Bella might have been feeling the effects of having an infection from teeth that needed to come out.  She acts like a younger version of herself.  In fact, one of my neighbors asked me if I had a new puppy!  I’ve read and heard for a long time that dental care is vital to a pet’s health, but I feel like I have really seen it first hand.  She has so much more energy and seems much happier.  I can’t say enough for these three doctors, and for everyone at Animal Dental Clinic.  They have been very giving of their time and have answered every question that I had, and more importantly provided Bella with amazing care.  And, I’m so grateful that Dr. Battig had the experience and knowledge to stop the first procedure when Bella’s heart started slowing down. I’m not sure that all vets would have. "

05/12/2016 by Katie Dunwell

"Our 18 month old calico cat Ro had stomatitis. She was habitually having problems with her mouth getting red and infected, so we made the round of three different local vets in Portland, one even recommended that she be put down. The diagnosis was always stomatitis, and everyone seemed to be less than confident that she would be okay.

Ro was getting worse - - our kitten had become introverted, didn't play, hid a lot and although she was hungry, didn't seem like she was enjoying life. It was pretty sad and she seemed depressed. One of the local vets with a large national chain wanted to pull the teeth herself, but after reading about the risks, I just couldn't trust that a general practice vet was doing what was in the best interest of Ro. So we let them give her another round of steroid shots and I took her to an internist specialist who I trusted hoping that I would get an answer. What specialist actually gave me was an excellent referral to the Animal Dental Clinic. I was determined to find a solution that didn't involve removing all her teeth. The technician assured me that it was a last resort and that the specialists would work with me and all the tools they have available to help Ro get her life back, and it didn't necessarily mean an extraction.

Dr. Block came in to see Ro and I immediately felt at ease. She was kind, clearly knowledgeable and Ro even seemed more relaxed with her in the room. The news wasn't good though. The second she looked into Ro's mouth, it was clear that this was BAD. In the past Ro hadn't been willing to let me look into her mouth, so I had only an idea what was going on. It was awful - she must have been in SO MUCH pain. Dr. Block knew right away what needed to happen - she needed a full mouth extraction. She walked me through the process, assured me that this was not "pulling teeth" as some general practice vets will do - that it was a oral surgery. She was also honest about the prognosis. She told me about some of her patients like Ro whose lives where changed by the surgery and also was honest that sometimes it doesn't solve the problem but it just makes it better. I knew that we were out of options. Ro was miserable and it was inhumane to let this go on any longer. I was also scared - removing all of a cat's teeth seemed so drastic but after Dr. Block explained the why's of stomatitis, it all made sense.

Particularly in a case like Ro, where the cat is young, the mouth is small and there is so much inflammation, it had to be done right. They couldn't get her on the schedule for a couple of weeks but we worked together with their cancellations and my schedule and we had her in for the surgery a few days later.

AMAZING!! Ro came home the same day and they had her the right medication to make it through the first days of recovery pretty happy. Lots of purring and kneading. Once the pain killers wore off we started to see Ro emerge. It's been a couple of months now and she's a different cat!

Ro now drops on the floor when she sees us to get her belly scratched, she doesn't hide, she LOVES to play and she's an all over happy cat. Dr. Block was right, we don't even recognize her. Pretty cool. People often asked us "how does she eat?" Quite fine I must say - she eats mostly wet food now and has actually gained weight. Her fur looks great and she's got spunk in her step.

I knew that Ro was in the best possible hands with Dr. Block. I saw that she graduated from Yale and University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, one of the best vet schools in the country. It doesn't get better than that. She's compassionate, obviously talented and so so skilled. I feel fortunate that we found out about this amazing practice and I would recommend Dr. Block and the entire team to anyone. Thanks to all of you - - Ro has her quality of life back!!!"

04/05/2016 by Anonymous 

"When he was young, we occasionally brushed Shinobi’s teeth. It wasn’t easy but we got it done. I’d heard of dental cleanings but never understood its importance until later. I thought it was for older dogs and seemed extreme for my young dog that had beautiful white teeth at that time. Instead, I brushed and offered a variety of chew toys to clean his teeth.

Meanwhile, Shinobi’s behavioral issues were progressively worsening. We consulted with 4 different [trainers] regarding his anxiety and fear aggression… It was difficult, but we kept Shinobi and our children separate. As much as they wanted to play with him, I knew it was unsafe… We did months of training with little success. He’d be sweet and playful one moment then quickly escalate, attacking the next. Tooth brushing became nearly impossible. He’d bite my hands, wrists, and cut up my forearms. I finally decided it was enough and replaced brushing with chew toys alone. Things seemed ok. His breath didn’t smell. His teeth looked fine. … Even though he was very spry for an older dog and never complained of hurting, he must have lost interest in his toys because his teeth were painful….

I consulted with a different vet who referred us to the Animal Dental Clinic. Now, at 11½ years old, it is a life changing experience for Shinobi. Dr. Battig and Dr. Block were very knowledgeable in dental health. They skillfully gained rapport with Shinobi who is apprehensive in unfamiliar settings, especially having his mouth touched…. Now toothless Shinobi is doing fabulous! … He enjoys spending time with our 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son. That is something I NEVER imagined would be possible for Shinobi! It was a terrible lesson learned but ends well, as his quality of life improved tremendously. Thank you so much Animal Dental Clinic NW for giving Shinobi an opportunity to live his elder years in health, comfort, and bliss once again.

02/01/2016 by John and Revy Jankowiak

"Our family member, Revy, needed major dental attention and I was extremely apprehensive about having such an amount of work done. After extensive research throughout the Portland Metro area I found Dr Jean Battig at the Animal Dental Clinic. Our consultation appointment was thorough and nonjudgmental even though Revy's teeth were in such bad shape. We made an appointment to have the work done. I could not be happier with the results. The level of care and attention by Dr Battig and the entire staff actually exceeded my high expectations. Revy is doing great and unbelievably, her breath even smells good. Its such a relief to have Revys mouth healthy again.

With much appreciation

John Jankowiak and Revy"

05/07/2015 by Mollie Anderson

"As a professional, too, with expertise in my field – I understand and sincerely appreciate the pure knowledge, understanding, beyond expertise and true care by Dr. Battig. Dr. Battig and all of you on staff, offered not only professionalism, but more than above and beyond true devotion towards Cinny – the collaboration between vets with Cinny’s primary vet, Dr. Beswick, Dr. Battig and consultation with oncology – the collective pool of information was truly state-of-the-art, professional sharing and the absolute best I could want for my best gal. Cinny is now absolutely fine from her aggressive tongue tumor, and is now afforded a healthy, full life at her age now of 9 yrs. I cannot recommend this team enough, nor more express my heart-felt gratitude.

Thank you,

Mollie Anderson"

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